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Furry Fighters

December 5th, 2013, 7:50 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply Sagat the Tiger, December 5th, 2013, 9:47 pm

The secret project is revealed! Before I start, do you guys remember I mentiond about the Street Fighter characters back when I started Bass Legends? Here's the link if you don't.

After making Ryu for AkumaTh's Comic Contest, I decided to go back and remake every Street Fighter character from the Street Fighter II series, along with a special gift for AkumaTh and Daniki Hibaichi. Before they looked like crap, but once they were remade, I'm proud to see how they've turned out. So from each character's position, I'm going to talk a little bit about them while I was in the process of making them, starting with Ryu.

Ryu- When I first made him, I went with Tails' old sprites, and to be honest, to me it was nothing more than a recolor with a white gi and black outline. From what Akuma could understand, Ryu looked like his old E.R. sprites. I didn't have much experience with Sonic sprites around that time. Years later, after remaking my sprites, and with the Comic Contest beginning, it prompted me to try again. The whole body is custom except for the hands, head, and furry chest. As soon as I saw Evil Ryu's avatar, I was interested in the head's design, so I decided to go with that, throw in some bangs and a head band, and realized how much better he looked than his old version. Finishing this sprite was what inspired me to go further.

E. Honda- With Honda, he was not remade, but I decided that if I was going to make him, I needed to think about what kind of animal he would be. Then I decided to go with a cat, specifically a Japanese Bobtail, since he's from Japan. With Big's sprite, he was easy to make, except for the robe, that took a while to do. The reason he is huge is because with Zangief being big, due to being a bear and wrestler, I decided that someone needs to go head-to-head with him. Since Honda and Zangief are based off of Big, they'll be easy to make a full sheet.

Blanka- Like Honda, he was not remade. I always wanted to make Blanka into a werehog. However, I couldn't figure out how I was going to make him when most of the Sonic Werehog sheets were Advance style, until I came across Miszi's. While I wasn't too keen on the lower body, the upper part was what interested me. After working on Blanka, I was amazed by how he turned out, and am thankful someone made a werehog sprite in Genesis style. So thanks Miszi!

Guile- There's an old saying: "Guile's theme goes with everything." Only instead of his theme, it's just Guile. Before I made him, I was thinking about making him into a hedgehog, with the hair and all, but instead decided to go with an armadillo. I don't know why, but for some reason it was something I decided to go with. As for the hedgehog, I figured Charlie would fit better for that species.

Balrog- Before he was just Vector with a blue shirt and boxing gloves, and was a crocodile. I decided to change his head and go with the robotic croc's, along with changing the skin tone, fixing the shirt, and adding shorts. That, and instead of making him a crocodile, I decided to make him an alligator, since he's from the United States. Before finishing him up, I was wondering what to do about the eyes: either keep them white or make them light green. After that, I'm glad I went with green, it suits him.

Ken- After remaking Ryu, I remade Ken. Not too different from Ryu, just different colored gi, brown gloves, and shortened the dreadlocks on his head. What inspired me to make him an echidna was seeing Knuckles perform an attack like the Shoryuken. Before he had Knuckle's original head, but after seeing Gardow's, I decided to go with that one. That's the best thing about other spriters: If there's a question in thought, they bring solutions closer one step at a time.

Chun Li- If you've clicked the link to the comic strip, you can tell how fat of a head she had. I didn't want that. In order to make her right, I had to do the sprite almost entirely by scratch. The only thing I can say that's edited is the face, ears, and arms. Everything else was scratch, and thankfully she looked ten times better. Initially I was going to go with a blue/light blue color in tone, but after taking a brief look, the dark blue seemed better on her.

Zangief- Zangief was originally a Bark recolor with a mohawk and badly red tights. Even though not much differs from concept (e.g. from Bark to Big), I felt changing him up was a little better. His head was scratched, his shoes were scratched, and yes, even his tights were scratched. After that, all he needed left were scars. Like I said with Honda, since his sprite is based off of Big, he'll be easy to make, though the difference will be figuring out how I'll make the Russian Bear's signature moves.

Dhalsim- Dhalsim. NEVER liked the guy! Ever since I was like 4 or 5, I could never beat him. I always wondered why Capcom thought it was a good idea to give him long arms, and to this day, I STILL THINK IT WAS A STUPID IDEA! *Ahem!* Anyways, I decided to base him off a monkey. Why? Well, they're long and skinny, so I guess that's one thing the real Dhalsim and Monkey Dhalsim have in common. Agreed? No? Really? SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO THE WITCH DOCTOR! *Ahem!* Moving on...

Sagat- You've all seen my old sprites. I was inexperienced around the time, and felt making a full sheet of them wasn't going to happen, so I remade them and stuck with a normal size, much to some fans' dismay. Either way, I like this version better. He's at least still bigger than Ryu, so rejoice!

Vega- Hooo boy! Vega. Vega. If you've seen the WST 2012, then you'd know what he looked like for my introduction. He was eye-bleeding yellow and his sprite did not look "beautiful." Remaking the body wasn't the hard part, I had no trouble there. It was making the hair and fur tone that became a hassle. I wanted to stick with a color that was between blonde and brown, so I looked at the real Vega's sprites to see if I could find something close to what I was thinking. Sure enough I did. After that, remaking the claws and mask became the finishing touch. Like my sprites, Vega is going to have poses that have his parts on opposite ends when facing a different direction (i.e. my scar and eyepatch were more towards the right; Vega's claws will be on the right, and the arm tattoo will be on the left).

T. Hawk- The reason he is normal sized instead of huge like Honda and Zangief is because of a joke I want to do later on. As he appears to fight, his shadow starts off huge, but as T. Hawk gets closer, his opponent is surprised that he isn't big at all. I was about to give up that idea and make him as big as Storm the Albatross, but the thought of that wouldn't go away, so I stuck with it. The feather was the tricky part, since I don't know how to sprite feathers. As soon as I saw the Super Mario feather, I thought "good enough." And I suppose it doesn't look too bad on him. ^_^"

Fei Long- Before he was a Chameleon, but I felt it didn't fit him, so I remade him into a mongoose instead, like Gen, but with a lighter tone. The upper part was the easiest, which I see no problem in working on during the process. It's the legs and hair that was going to be a worthy challenge. Sure enough, 50% of making this sheet will be simple, and 50% it'll feel like getting hit in the face with a nunchaku because of the lower body.

Dee Jay- Like Dhalsim, Honda, and Blanka, Dee Jay was not remade. Making him was recent, and also the last character to work on. I had trouble trying to think of what kind of animal he was going to be. At first I was going to go with something like a turtle based out of irony, since the real Dee Jay moves to the rhythm and is fast, whereas a turtle would be slow. I scratched that idea, looked up what animals were in Jamaica, and couldn't really find anything suitable. Then I pictured him as a dog in my head, and found that that seemed more suitable to him, because let's face it, dogs are fast, and I always did see Dee Jay as a Jamaican DAWG, so it works. As far as his sprites go, the head, tail, and chest are scratched. Everything else was based off of Ryu. As for the reason why there isn't any letters on the side of his pants, I can't fit them on there. I was going to put "DOG" on there, but since I can't do anything about that, I decided to go without the letters. Plus he looks good enough already, right?

Cammy- Like Chun Li, she didn't look appealing. Thanks to Zig Sonar, I was able to redo Cammy. After completing her sprite, she looked much better. The only thing that was left was to decide on what her wings would look like, so I went with D Burraki and Cylent Nite's version. I'm glad I did, they look good on her.

M. Bison- I've explaind before about him, so there's not much to say except that "THIS IS DELICIOUS!" :P

Now on to the "secret characters." These two sprites are a special gift to Akuma and Daniki from the Middle Ground. For both of them, I decided to take Ryu's gi and recolor it black and pink. Then I placed the original parts from their sprites onto the gi's, mainly because I felt it would look fine on them, especially Daniki. So before you two say thank you, let me say thank you for making your characters in Sonic Style, they're what motivated me to make Sagat the Tiger.

Now while I will be working on these in the future, I'm just throwing it out there if you feel like you'd like to, if you want to help out on this project, that's perfectly fine by me. If you do, the sheet is yours to keep, and can use it anytime if you'd like. I won't even ask that you give credit. This is something I've wanted to do for quite some time, and as I get older, I feel that opportunity is fading. However, I know that if I give up on this project someday, at least there'll be people that would want to continue this. Like I said, this is for anyone that wants to get some practice in making Sonic sprites, specifically Genesis.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy looking at these sprites. It took me a week to make them.

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User's Comments:

Reply AkumaTh, December 6th, 2013, 10:59 am

They all look great (though Chun-li's head should be pushed back a little more. She looks like she's hunched). I especially like Dee Jay and Dhalsim.

Reply Master_72, December 6th, 2013, 6:25 pm

M. Bison needs more muscles! Do you honestly think he's going to make Shadaloo trendy with that size?

Reply Sagat the Tiger, December 6th, 2013, 10:17 pm

@Master_72: Surprisingly, yes. Like I said, he was based off of Metal Sonic (both sprite and design), so he's more based on speed than power. Besides, he lost his muscles in the explosion, so it looks like he's staying skinny.

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